Administration Manual


Constitution of Orienteering Queensland Inc
Incorporation Certificate
OA/OQ Certificate of Insurance
4 Structure & Committees

          4.1 Structure

          4.2 Committees

          4.3 Position Descriptions

5 Bylaws & Procedures
          5.1 Administration
          5.2 Memberships
          5.3 Financial General
          5.4 Events
          5.5 Event Fees
          5.6 Mapping
          5.7 Coaching
          5.8 Corporate
          5.9 Paid Employees
          5.10 Development Fund/Cash Reserves
          5.11 Equipment
          5.12 Sportident Security And Management
          5.13 State Championships, National Championships and Australian Three Days
          5.14 Payment For Access to Land
          5.15 Athlete Rep Support
          5.16 Gender Equity Plan
          5.17 Affiliate Compliance Audit
6. Policies
OA Policies As a constituent member of OA, OQ adheres to all policies outlined in the OA Operations Guide and the National Integrity Framework.
 Of particular relevance to members are the following:
          NIF Member Protection Policy
          NIF Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
          NIF Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy
          NIF Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy
          OA 1.23 Inclusion Policy
          OA 1.26 Privacy Policy
          OA  4.3  Social Media Policy
          OA  6.1  Conduct & Disciplinary Policy
          OA  6.2  Code of Conduct
          OA  6.3  Personal Grievances Policy (Dispute Resolution)
OQ policies
          6.1 Anti-Doping Policy
          6.2 Risk Management Policy/Plan
          6.4 Sun Protection Policy
          6.5 Healthy Food & Drink Promotion
7. OQ Strategic Plan 2023-2025


8. Purple Pen Settings for printing on Pretex

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