How to join up & renew

OQ Memberships 2024 ( Note: memberships run on the calendar year)

Why join Orienteering Queensland?

Make friends - share experiences - belong to a club!  When you join Orienteering Queensland, you receive free membership of the club of your choice.

  • Join to participate - save on event entry fees and compete for points and awards.
  • Join to stay in touch - being a member is a great way to meet people and keep up with news and coming events.
  • Join to learn new skills - OQ offers coaching, training, and the chance to get involved in mapping, course setting, or organising events.
  • Join to belong - we wear our distinctive club shirts with pride!
  • Join to travel - team up with clubmates and head interstate or overseas to orienteer!

Membership Benefits

  • Member discounts on entry fees at all events except fixed price Council sponsored events.
  • Receive reciprocal rights interstate and overseas (including discounts on event entry fees).
  • Participate in free training, coaching and club social activities.
  • Compete for points and prizes in Orienteer of the Year and Rider of the Year events. Participate in Club Relays. Be eligible to receive awards.
  • Be eligible to represent Queensland and Australia at national and international competitions.
  • Receive the quarterly Australian Orienteer magazine (hard copy or digital).
  • Be eligible to vote at Orienteering Queensland general meetings and at Club meetings.

How to join

New member - Individual:  (1) Choose which club you would like to join; (2) Create an Eventor account (fill in your details, nominate the state association (OQ), nominate your club, and make payment straight away to Orienteering Qld using PayPal or credit card via Paypal.All membership fees are paid to OQ.  Step-by-step guide here.

NOTE: To become a member, you must select a CLUB.This gives you full member benefits at the membership prices listed below.

If you prefer to try the sport out as a "Non-Member" to start of with, you can join the "Casuals QLD" group. Casuals QLD is free, and allows you to enter events online as a "non-member", however you will NOT receive the benefits of club membership, including the member discounts.  

NOTE: Do not join "Casuals QLD"  as well as a Club at the same time, as this will cause problems with your membership status.

NOTE: Membership fees must be paid within 24 hours for the membership to remain active. Contact the membership officer straight away if the Paypal/Credit card option is a problem and you require another payment method. 

NOTE: You can convert from casual registration to OQ membership at a later time. Contact the Membership Officer first before you do so, as an adjustment needs to be made to your casual account before you do so. You then simply follow the step by step guide above from the point where you nominate to join a Club and complete Payment.

New members - Family: set up an individual account for each family member as above (OQ State Membership + individual Club membership). You can use the same email address and password for multiple family members, as long as each person has their own username. You can put your family members together in a "family group" at the club level only (not at the state OQ level). The membership fees must be paid to OQ for each member. (If you contact the Membership Officer, this can be combined under one purchase order). NOTE: this doesn't apply to Casual Qld accounts.

If you have problems getting your family registered for the first time, contact the membership officer at for assistance.


Renewing member - Individual or Family: (1) Log in to Eventor; (2) select My pages, My memberships, (3) select "Renew" next to your 2023 club membership.  For families, after renewing yourself, use the 'Manage membership for another person' next to the 'Apply for membership' button, to add all your family members before going to payment.

For continued membership you must renew before the end of January.

Change in Family: at the "Renew" stage, you can add or delete family members. If you wish to create a new Family group, please refer to the Step-by-step guide. Contact the membership officer if you need help.


Membership types and fees for 2024 (Fees valid from Nov 1 2023 to Dec 31,2024)

All members 18 years and over are "senior members", that is, full members of OQ with voting rights, however OQ offers discounts to several member types:


Membership type

2024 Membership Fees

available from 1 Nov 2023



Member 21yrs+ (new or renewing)

An individual member aged 21 and over on 31 December 2024.


Member 20yrs & under (new or renewing)

An individual member 20 yrs and under on 31 December 2024.


Discount Full Time Student 21 to 24yrs

Restricted to full time tertiary students aged 21 to 24 yrs on 31 December 2024.



Discount Rural & Remote Member 21yrs+

Restricted to members of the clubs TTQ, FNQ, & MKQ living in north Queensland, and members residing in Queensland and living more than 90 minutes' drive from an active Orienteering Club. Check with membership officer first to confim you qualify.



  • Memberships applied for are subject to OQ Management approval.
  • Memberships are valid for the current calendar year only, ending on December 31st, with the exception of memberships renewed after November 1st which will be valid until December 31st of the following year.
  • Only members paying the non-discounted senior fee are eligible to receive a hard copy of the Australian Orienteer magazine, with a maximum of 1 copy per street address.
  • Although family membership fees will no longer exist, family discounts will still apply for event entry fees.


All Membership fees include levies to Orienteering Australia (OA) and Orienteering Queensland (OQ) to cover costs of administration and public liability insurance policy. The insurance, currently held for $20 million, covers all members, landowners, organisers, and OQ from actions resulting from injury, loss or damage caused by negligence associated with an orienteering activity sanctioned by OQ. It does not provide insurance that covers personal injury while orienteering. Members are encouraged to consider personal accident insurance.


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