Orienteering Queensland (OQ) is the state body responsible for the organisation and promotion of orienteering throughout Queensland. It is a sport of cross country navigation and it takes place in the bush as well as urban settings such as parks, university campuses and other open spaces, using specialised orienteering maps. Mountain bike orienteering makes use of forests with extensive track networks with introductory events taking place in more urban settings.

This website is designed to provide information for members and visitors about orienteering in Queensland.

There are also a number of youtube videos that will provide beginners with useful information.

Orienteering Australia put together a collection of instructional video's a few years back that are worth having a look at.Click here.

Also check out the following British Guide for Newcomers.

Also,this Orienteering for Beginners is good for kids to watch. Some of the terminology is differentt , but the principles are the same.

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