This involves using a specially produced map and with the aid of a compass, competitors are required to navigate their way between various checkpoints known as controls along an unfamiliar course.High levels of fitness and running speed are required to compete successfully in elite-level orienteering, but success is also heavily dependent on choosing the fastest route between controls (while controls are always the same for the competitors in a particular category, the route they choose to reach the points may be very different).

Competitors are often required to cross rough undeveloped terrain; accurate map and compass reading can make the difference for good race results. Indeed, most competitors would say the single key to orienteering success is balancing the fatigue of racing with the mental alertness required to read the map clearly and make proper course selections to keep ahead.Orienteering caters for all ability levels and ages.

At each event we offer a variety of courses to suit every level of fitness and ability.The basic map reading and navigational skills are easily learnt with instruction available for beginners at all orienteering events.

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