Orienteering Queensland has four Athlete Development squads to cater for Junior and Senior members who are interested in competitive orienteering. They are structured to cater for the needs of various ages, and receive financial support from Orienteering Queensland. Certain criteria and expectations of members are summarised below. If you would like more information, please contact the relevant Squad Manager or the State Director of Coaching, Email: OQ Coaching Director

Ultra Mini Cyclones 

Competing in M/W10 to M/W12

Entry Criteria:

  • Beginner orienteers doing very easy courses unassisted
  • Usually aged between 9 and 13
  • membership of Orienteering Queensland
  • committed to technical improvement
  • regular attendance at events


  • Free kit and logbook in a zip case.
  • Hat supplied
  • UMC coaching sessions at no cost

Manager: Felicity Crosato
E-mail: ultraminicyclones@oq.asn.au

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Mini Cyclones 

Competing in M/W12 and M/W14 age classes

Entry Criteria:

  • Orienteers doing easy bush courses unassisted
  • Usually aged between 11 and 15
  • Membership of Orienteering Queensland
  • Committed to technical improvement
  • Regular attendance at events and Orienteering Queensland coaching sessions


  • Free 2-3 day training camp with one parent.
  • Shirt supplied
  • Mini Cyclones coaching sessions at no cost

Manager: Marion Burrill
E-mail: minicyclones@oq.asn.au



Junior Cyclones 

Competing in M/W14 to M/W16 + M/W20A

Entry Criteria:

  • Ready to compete at Hard course level
  • Usually aged between 14 and 18
  • Orienteering Queensland membership
  • Committed to regular physical and technical training
  • Attendance at Badge and OY events where possible
  • Attend annual junior camp when possible (some cost involved)
  • Has a nominated coach or mentor
  • Shirt supplied at discounted price
  • Junior Cyclones coaching sessions at no cost
  • Financial assistance to selected representatives
  • Annual junior camp subsidised by Orienteering Queensland

Email: juniorcyclones@oq.asn.au

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Cyclones Squad 

Competing in M/W20Elite and M/W21Elite

Entry Criteria:

  • Must qualify to run in National Junior and Senior Elite races or
  • Be able to run Hard 1 or Hard 2 courses
  • Orienteering Queensland Membership
  • Competing regularly and attending squad training unless prohibited by work/study commitments or location
  • Has regular contact with squad coach


  • Limited financial support for squad training
  • Orienteering Queensland coaching days at subsidised cost (adults), free for juniors
  • Financial support for those selected to represent Cyclones at NOL events

Email: cyclones@oq.asn.au

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