AO Magazine options

Australian Orienteering Magazine -hard copy or online

Australian Orienteering Magazine Options

Once you're a member (new or renewing), and your membership isn't an Associate Membership,you have the option to receive the quarterly AO Magazine in the mail at no extra cost.

To do so, login into your Eventor profile , and under 'My Pages ","My Profile",click on the "Information" tab.

You'll see a box labled "I wish to receive the Australian Orienteer magazine as a hard copy".

Tick this box to be included in the next mailing of the magazine. It will be sent to the address as per your "Contact Details" in your profile.NOTE, for a family membership, only one of the adult members needs to tick the box.

You can also untick the box at anytime if you don't wish to receive the magazine.

You can access the magazine online at any time at the following address:

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