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Resources for Teaching Orienteering


15 cm Flag $7.70 incl GST
Punch $7.70 incl GST

Plus postage on enquiry

Or purchase a set of 20 flags and punches in a plastic box for $298 (incl GST and postage).  Also includes pdf's of reprintable punch cards.

Email sportingschools.oq@gmail.com

Class set of 28 Compasses in case available from OSOA  or a box of 10 Beginner compasses 

Compasses are not necessary for orienteering in a school, but it is important that students learn how to use them before going into a bush environment.


Orienteering games book

Orienteering Games: The Ultimate Teaching Resource

"Orienteering Games" is the ultimate resource for teachers and coaches. It has a fantastic variety of activities to develop navigational and orienteering skills for students from prep to senior secondary levels. Activities focus on fun games to challenge and engage students with the flexibility of individual and team options.

Activities are laid out in an easy to read lesson format with diagrams to minimize your planning time. The game index makes choosing an appropriate development age and skill level activity simple. With the inclusion of over 20 orienteering worksheet activities catering for different levels, your wet days & theory lessons are already prepared.

"Orienteering Games" provides you with a whole new range of fun activity options to include and challenge different ability levels within the one game.

Available in hardcopy & downloadable version: click here to purchase.

Games Orienteers Play

This is a free download, available here.  It is full of activities for Prep to Yr 12, set out according to age group, situation (indoors or out) and group size (individual, pairs or groups).

Lesson Plans

Complete Class Units, written to the Australian Curriculum

The units consist of sequential activities which teach orienteering skills (eg. orientating the map, compass points, map symbols, control punching, distance estimation, international control descriptions and contours) and orienteering courses (cross country, star relay, loop, scatter, and route choice) which can be set on your school map.


Lesson Plans may be downloaded free.  All game files may be purchased on a USB ready for printing and laminating

Prep - 2 $38.50 Lesson Plans Lesson Kit
Yr 3 - 6 $38.50 Lesson Plans Lesson Kit
Yr Prep - 6 $49.50    
Yr 7 - 10 $38.50 Lesson Plans Lesson Kit

Or may be purchased ready printed and laminated (plus all files on a USB for printing replacements) in a plastic storage box

Prep - 2 (182 laminated pages) $302.00
Yr 3 - 6 (196 laminated pages) $324.00
Yr 7 - 10 (187 laminated pages) $312.00
Yrs Prep - 6 (279 laminated pages) $452.00
Yrs Prep - 10 (298 laminated pages) $480.00
Yrs 3 - 10 (245 laminated pages) $400.00

Courses set on your school map (as described in the Unit Plans) (An Orienteering Instructor course will teach you how to do this yourself).

Prep - 2 $55.00
Yr 3 - 6 $132.00
Yr 7 - 10 $132.00

Unit Plans including all game files (on a USB), plus games printed and laminated, plus courses set on your school map

Prep - 2 (182 laminated pages) $357.00
Yr 3 - 6 (196 laminated pages) $456.00
Yr 7 - 10 (187 laminated pages) $444.00

Postage costs on enquiry.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these programs please email sportingschools@oq.asn.au

Books and References

A range of coaching and instructional references relating to specific Orienteering skills can be found here.

A list of useful Orienteering References is detailed below:

Orienteering Games (RECOMMENDED)

 J. Woods.  $42.00 Hardcopy, $22.00 pdf.  As above.  

 (A pdf copy is included with the Level 0 Coaching Course materials)

Games Orienteers Play (RECOMMENDED)
D. Gale. Click here to download for free.
Elementary Orienteering Instructors Guide
D. Gale , email juniordevelopment@oq.asn.au
(this is included with the Level 0 Coaching Course materials)
Teaching Orienteering
C. McNeill et.al. Harveys
'Start Orienteering'
Series of four books - C McNeill and T Renfrew, $13 ea, (6-8 yrs, 8-9 yrs, 9-10 yrs, 10-12 yrs) [available from Scientific Instrument and Optical Sales, Brisbane, 3356 0344]
Get Fit for Orienteering
Steve Bird, Nonington Press 1996
Masters Sports Training for Enhanced Performance
P.Raeburn, D. Jenkins, ACHPER 1995 [Available from ACHPER]
Orienteering Technique from Start to Finish
Norman & Yngstrom, SOFT 1991
Orienteering: The Skills of the Game
C. McNeill, Crowood Press 1989
Orienteering Training and Coaching
J. Thornley, BOF 1982
Outward Bound Orienteering Handbook
M. Bagness, Wardlock 1995
Pathways to Excellence: Orienteering
P. Palmer, Harveys 1994
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