QLD State MTBO Series

There is a State Series competition for MTBO, which encourages regular participation in the series of events on offer each year and rewards consistent performaces. There are usually up to 10 or 11 Event Stages on offer each year that attract series points. A rider's best 5 scores will count towards their final points score.

At each series round, there will be up to 5 courses offered. It will be necessary to enter the same age class, at each event, in order to keep your points. If you enter a longer, or shorter course for any of the events, you cannot carry the points across  to your own age class. Age class will be as at 31 December of the applicable year.

Course Number Age Categories
Course 1 M21, Long, WOL ( Women Open Long)
Course 2 W21, M40, M20
Course 3 W40, M50, Medium
Course 4 M16, M60, W16, W20, W50
Course 5 W60, W70, M70, M14, W14, Short

Novice/Family/Recreational/Score/Scatter /e-bike classes do not earn points.

Refer to the attached Rules for further details.


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