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About the Cyclones

The Cyclones Squads are for Queensland's elite and developing Orienteers.

The squads start from our youngest Orienteers, the Ultra mini Cyclones and aim to develop runners through to our elite Cyclones squad. Each squad targets a different stage of orienteering skill and athlete development. Our Elite Cyclones runners compete in the National Orienteering League (NOL) and our top athletes represent Australia at the World and Junior World Championships, World University Championships, World Cup and Australia/New Zealand test matches in both foot and mountain bike orienteering. 

The Teams

Categorised by their age and skill level, athletes participate in:

Cyclones: age classes - M/W20Elite and M/W21Elite (from 17 to 35+ years).
Our elite squad. Athletes compete in the NOL and Junior NOL (Elite classes and Sport Classes).
Athletes who are committed and motivated to compete on a national and international level are encouraged to express their interest in joining the Cyclones by contacting the OQ Chair of Performance or the Cyclones Coordinator

Junior Cyclones who currently or intend to compete in Elite/Sport Classes and demonstrate
commitment and performance at a state/national level are strongly encouraged to consider expressing
interest in becoming a Cyclone.

More information about the National Orienteering League can be found on the Orienteering Australia

National Orienteering League webpage.

Junior Cyclones: age classes - M/W14 to M/W16 + M/W20A 

Learning to race! The Junior Cyclones Squad is where navigation skills are further developed and tested in the heat of competition. The goal of athletes in this squad is selection in the Queensland Schools team and competition at National Championships. While the goals are big, the squad is inclusive and many join the sport at this level. The Junior Cyclones also caters for Orienteers who have left school, but aren't ready to race at an elite level.

Mini Cyclones: age classes - M/W12 to M/W14 
Into the forest! The focus for the Mini Cyclones is developing independent navigation skills. Their courses are heading off tracks and into the forest. The main aim for this squad is learning the navigation skills to get around as their courses get longer and more difficult.

Ultra Mini Cyclones: age classes - M/W10 to M/W12 
Our youngest Orienteers. The Ultra Mini squad aims to teach kids the basics of map interpretation through games and fun activities. The focus for these kids is to develop confidence with basic skills and make friends orienteering. Parents are encouraged to come along and learn with the kids.

Each Squad has a team manager and coach.


Joining the Cyclones

If you want to fully explore your potential as an orienteer, as a first step come along to one of our events and ask about our Cyclones squads. 

For more information contact

To express interest in joining the Cyclones, please contact the OQ Chair of Performance: or the Cyclones Coordinator:
You can follow the Queensland Cyclones at the National Orienteering League via our Facebook page.

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