This information has been designed to assist those involved or interested in the technical aspects of orienteering.

The inclusions enclosed have been sourced from various areas within Orienteering Australia. Orienteering Queensland has utilised the expertise of the chairs of each area to ensure the standard within Queensland has been met. We hope you find this information useful. If there is anything further that you would like to see in this section please advise our technical advisor with your input.

Technical Workshops

From time to time, our technical team will provide training and information sessions.

For more information please contact OQ's technical advisor.

Organising An Event

So you are organising an event. Here are some forms that will assist you.


Controller Application (Level 1 and Level 2)

If you are interested in becoming a controller, click here for an application form. Approval process will be required.

Accredited Controllers

The lateset list of accredited controllers acredited under the ASC's National Officials Accreditation Scheme cam be found on the Orienteering Australia website here.


Orienteering Queensland maintains map registers for bush, park/street, mountain bike and sprint maps. Central coordination makes it clear what maps are available and reduces overlaps and duplication that might otherwise occur.

Information that will be available from this page in the future will be:

To get started:

Please remember that permission may be required to gain access for most properties and or parks.

Information for Orienteering and Rogaine in QPWS Managed Areas

Feedback is welcomed, and suggestions for improvement and information for inclusion should be sent to the OQ's  mapping officer.

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