How to enter an event online

How to enter an event on the Eventor Australia website

Entering an Event Online

Once you've decided to enter yourself and your family members into an event online, follow the link from the events page on this website to the Eventor Australia website and use the following Quick Entry Guide to help you through the process. If you need more detailed instructions, the following Guide on the Eventor Website will help.

Note that prior to entering online, if you're a non-member, you'll need to register a username in the "Casual Qld" group for yourself and each of your family members on Eventor first to create a User profile. This only needs to be done the first time.The following pdf How to join a Qld orienteering Club will help you through thr process.

There is no obligation to join as a member, but it is easy to do so later on once you're registered. Refer to the Membership Info page for further detail.

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