Car Wrecks Challenge #3 - Mt Coot-tha - run anytime any day

Saturday 27th June 2020

Saturday 27th Jun 2020 00:00 - 00:00 EST
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Ugly Gully Orienteers

Car Wrecks Challenge #3 - Mt Coot-tha: This Wreck Trek will take you on a circuit from the Gold Mine picnic area near Channel 9 (Sir Samuel Griffith Drive). Use the map and the MapRunF app to find the wrecks and ruins (including the old mine). Run either the LONG course (visit all 8 circled wrecks, minimum 4 km) or the SHORT course (visit any 5 wrecks, minimum 2 km, more if you want to avoid steep climbs).

Challenge 1: Plan your course
- download the PDF map on this page and locate the Start/Finish (path junction at Gold Mine picnic area)
- decide the order in which you will visit the wrecks
- you must finish where you started.

Challenge 2: Run/walk the course any day, any time.
- Please respect the current COVID-19 restrictions and other users of the reserve
- Use the MapRunF app on your smartphone (see links on this page). Enter your name & details
- Select event: Queensland/Brisbane-Ipswich
- "Go to Start"
- Make sure you get a beep at the start.
- Your phone will beep within a few metres of each wreck. For fairness, make the effort to find and touch the wreck with your foot :)
- Your course ends when your phone beeps at the finish (where you started).
- Your result will upload automatically if you are using data. Otherwise, choose "manual upload" later, when you are connected to wifi.

- 5 of the wrecks are car wrecks. #31 and #37 are rusted drums. #38 is the old Gold Mine.

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