World Orienteering Week at Hinze Dam, Gold Coast

Sunday 19th May 2024

Sunday 19th May 2024 09:00 - 11:00 EST
Club event
Easy, Hard
Punching system
Paradise Lost Orienteers

All ages and abilities are welcome to Hinze Dam on Sunday 19 May. This is a unique map which we have not used for a number of years. At this event you will explore all areas of the parkland while taking in views of the spillway and dam. There is even the possibility to finish your run with some refreshments in the Visitor Centre (highly recommended).

This event will feature two courses, both of which will start in the picnic ground off Spillway Road and work their way up the hill to finish at the Visitor Centre. We have an Easy course of 1.6km which will all be on paths, and a Hard course of 2.6km (~4km of distance to be covered) which will take participants throughout the park and into areas of bushland. Both courses will be fully flagged.

No need to pre-enter or register, but please let us know right away if you plan to bring a substantial group so we can print more maps.
Start between 9am and 11am with course closure at 12pm. Bring credit card or phone, good shoes, sun protection and water. Non-member adults $10, kids $8, families $27.

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