Easter 3 Days

Saturday 16th April 2022

Saturday 16th Apr 2022 00:00 EST - Monday 18th Apr 2022 00:00 EST
National event
M21E, W21E, M20E, W20E, MW21AS - Sledge, MW10 - Novice, M10A, W10A, M12A, W12A, M14A, W14A, M16A, W16A, M18A, W18A, M20A, W20A, M20AS, W20AS, M21A, W21A, W21AS, M35A, W35A, M35AS, W35AS, M40A, W40A, M45A, W45A, M45AS, W45AS, M50A, W50A, M55A, W55A, M55AS, W55AS, M60A, W60A, M65A, W65A, M70A, W70A, M75A, W75A, M80A, W80A, M85A, W85A, M90A, W90A, Men Junior Moderate, Women Junior Moderate, Open Moderate Long, Open Moderate Short, Open Easy, Open Very Easy, M65AS, W65AS, Open Hard
Punching system
Event form
Orienteering Queensland

Explore the granite, grass trees and runnable terrain of Queensland's Kingaroy region at the Australian 3 Days 2022 national orienteering carnival.

For further information about all aspects of the carnival, please see Bulletins 1 & 2 and the Carnival website (https://www.easter2022.com.au/)

Entry to the same class in all 3 events is simple.
For entry to only 1 or 2 events, or for entry in different classes on different days, please refer to the 'How to Enter' document below.

ELITES: Please provide your IOF ID at the link on this page to receive World Ranking Points for Days 1 & 2.

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Event last updated: April 19, 2022 04:00pm

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