Easter 3 Days - SIAC Hire & Landowner donations

Monday 25th April 2022

Monday 25th Apr 2022 00:00 - 00:00 EST
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SI Hire & Landowner donations
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Sunday 24th Apr 2022 23:59 EST
Orienteering Queensland

Limited supplies of SPORTident Air Card ("SIAC") are available for hire. These will be allocated on a first in basis.
$20 - both Easter & NOL Sprint weekends
$12 - Easter weekend only
$12 - NOL Sprint weekend only

Landowner donations in lieu of Gold Coin Donations on the day. All funds raised will be passed on to landowners of events. **Tap "Enter" and tap the "ADD" button next to Services**

Our landowners at Taromeo, Minmore (Reedy Creek) and Maidenwell have been extremely generous to us - giving the mapper and event team repeated access to their property, re-grading roads specially for us after the rain, purposefully grazing cattle on Day 1 & 2 course areas to keep the grass down, moving cattle, preparing paddocks for parking, storing equipment, and of course allowing 650 orienteers onto their land at Easter! Without land access there would be no carnival. Please show your appreciation with a small donation. All funds raised will be passed on directly to our landowners: Jackie & Max Talbot, Graham & Diane Wilson, Jean & Neil Johnston.

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