Townsville Metrogaine - Cyclegaine

Sunday 31st March 2019

Sunday 31st Mar 2019 08:00 - 11:00 EST
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Park/Street Orienteering
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Totally Tropical Orienteering Club
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Metrogaining is an event where you can participate as an individual or stay-together team and your aim is to get as many points as you can in the allocated time. The harder the checkpoint is to get, the more points it is worth, you will have a few minutes to plan your route prior to departure and it will be a mass start !! Cyclegaining is exactly the same except you ride your pushy instead of running!!!

Start : Riverway (at the pool end under the trees) - you won't miss us !!

* 3h Metrogaine (foot) or 3h Cyclegaine (bike)
* 1h Metrogaine (foot) or 1h Cyclegaine (bike)
- Early and Late starter options for the 1h events

Maps will be issued 15-minutes before your start time, so make sure you turn up 20-mins before the start to register and get ready to go !!

7.35am : Registration opens
7.45am : Map handout for 3 hour & Early Starters 1 hour event
8am : 3 hour Metro / Cycle start
8am : Early Starters 1hour Metro or Cycle start
9am: Early Starter 1hour Metro or Cycle finish
9.15am : Late Starters Map handout
9.30am: Late Starters 1hour Metro or Cycle start
10.30am: Late Starters 1hour Metro or Cycle finish
11am: 3hour Metro or Cycle finish

Cost: $8pp or $15 per family team

Bring: water carrying ability, runners, comfortable run gear, hat, suncream - there will be some off-road CP's, but not too many !

Provided: compass (not really needed), maps, water and drinks for the finish and navigation advice

Cyclegaine - you will need your own Pushy (MTB is better, hybrid or roadie OK) with bell (and the normal stuff you carry like a pump and repair kit) and maybe consider making up a homemade map-board to make map reading easier (ice cream container lids and zippies work a treat - google "map-board") - you will obviously need a helmet too.

* Parents / Adults are more than welcome to run and the kids ride, as long as you stick together :)

This is the perfect long-run training event ... gives you a reason to keep running ! Getting into Adventure Racing, this is the perfect training event ... havnig to make route choices and quick decisions, you can't beat it ... so no excuses we'll see you there !!!!!

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