OY5 - Middle Champs - Maidenwell

Saturday 15th June 2019

Saturday 15th Jun 2019 13:30 - 16:00 EST
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Ugly Gully Orienteers

Ugly Gully with the much appreciated assistance of Range Runners welcomes you to this year's QLD Middle Distance Championships at Maidenwell.

DIRECTIONS: Head North from Maidenwell along Kingaroy Cooyar Rd. Follow O-signs to farm (a right turn approx 2km from town).

TOILETS: The assembly is on private land, with no toilet facilities and limited water available. However, there are public toilets in both Maidenwell and Coomba Falls approximately 3km en route to the event.

There are patches of lantana, protection is advisable.

This is a fantastic new area with a great mix of forest, semi-open and slow and fast run and significant rock. It is a new map likely to be used at Easter 2021.

Entries close strictly midnight June 13. No LATE ENTRIES OR EOD IS AVAILABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Those wishing to use this OY event as a selection race for the Qld Schools Team should run their usual age class. However, if you are turning 15 this year and are not very experienced in bush courses, you are encouraged to enter the Open Moderate course. If you are unsure course which course to enter, please contact jundevcom@oq.asn.au

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