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Tuesday 21st October 2014

Tuesday 21st Oct 2014 00:00 - 00:00 EST
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Ugly Gully Orienteers
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ALL WELCOME - Great for Beginners

This will be a score event - points will be allocated to different controls on the map and there will be a 40 minute time limit for all courses.

Runners can obtain all controls if they wish, within the time limit. Points will be assigned to each control. There will be 5 X 30 pts, 5 X 40 pts, 5 X 50- pts, 5 X 60 pts controls on the map. That will be a total of 20 controls scattered on the map. A 30 point penalty will apply per minute that a competitor is late. A late finish of more than 15 minutes after the time limit will result in scoring 0 points.

If competitors have the same score on completion then the elapsed time on course will be used.

Note: There is no requirment to actually run 40 minutes or get a set number of controls. Anyone can come walk/jog/run and find any number of controls. Competitive runners in each of the classes will have there score compared based on the course they would normally run.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to bring along a friend and have a go without the requirement to find a set number of controls.

Starts: There will be a mass start at approx 6.30pm. Late comers will have a manual start between 6.30pm and 7pm.


Type (member/non-member)
Adults $6.00
Family max $15.00

SportIdent will be used, hire fee $2.00 per person per night for those who require one

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