GET GOING-BUSH SERIES and Intro coachi

Sunday 09th February 2014

Sunday 09th Feb 2014 00:00 - 00:00 EST
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Toohey Forest Orienteering Club
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Toohey Forest Orienteering

GET GOING Active Recreation-BUSH SERIES and Introductory Coaching

Getting going with GET GOING active recreation! February BUSH SERIES for families, teenagers and adults alike.

Sunday afternoons starts 1.30pm

Each session will begin with a one hour coaching session followed by a practise course of either 2.5km or 3.8km. There will also be some introductory coaching and participation games suitable for children (6-12years).

Cost: $5 per family group or individual plus $2 for a deposit for each electronic SI timing stick hire.

Contact: To register for the events or for more information contact Rob Simson
Phone: 33454527 or Email:

Courses also available

In conjunction with the coaching sessions, three courses will be set - hard (4.5km), moderate (3km) and easy (1.5km). Orienteers are welcome to attend and complete a course independent of the coaching sessions. No pre-entry is required.

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