Grinstead Park

Thursday 14th March 2013

Thursday 14th Mar 2013 00:00 - 00:00 EST
Local event
This event has no classes
Punching system
Mid Week Orienteering Group
Contact phone
3851 1048

May be suitable for beginners. Some limited instruction can be given.

'SI will be used for the event. There will be two courses, long and short. Each course will have a map change. Runners will finish the first leg, download their run, clear and check, pick up the new map and go through the 'start'. Both times will be added together to give a total time. The area is fairly flat and concentrated, so the map change and download is needed to ensure a good run and also that the SI stick does not get overloaded.

If it doesn't work, blame Jim.'

Those participants who do not have their own SI stick will be able to borrow one on the day.

This is the first time that this map has been used for Mid Week events and also the first time that SI has been used for Mid week outside the MWO Championships and major events.

This "Legacy" event does not appear on Eventor.

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