Santa 6 Days 2023 - Event 6 - Seven Hills

Sunday 31st December 2023

Sunday 31st Dec 2023 00:00 - 00:00 EST
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Short, Long, Score
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Orienteering Queensland

Santa 6 Days 2023 - Event 6 - Seven Hills

Orienteering Queensland is excited to bring to you the 4th Santa 6 Days Event! Held over the Christmas to New Year period, this is a series of free MapRun events. This year they will be held around Brisbane.

Event #1 - Dec 26 - City Botanic Gardens (Gardens Point) (Newly Updated Map)
Event #2 - Dec 27 - Bowman Park, Bardon
Event #3 - Dec 28 - Underwood Park, Underwood (Newly Updated Map)
Event #4 - Dec 29 - Cicada Park, Chapel Hill
Event #5 - Dec 30 - Stockyard Creek (Access gates open at 8am & close at 6pm) (First ever Maprun event on this map)
Event #6 - Dec 31 - Seven Hills

Each event in the series will comprise a Long and Short line course and a Score event of 40 minutes. In a Line course you must get the controls in the order on the map.
With a Score event you can get any controls in any order. The goal is to get as high a score as possible in the time limit. If you are not back in 40 minutes you will lose 30 points for every minute (or part thereof) you are late back.

Each event will be unlocked at midnight and the maps will be available to download from the Eventor page for the event the day before. All events are free.
The courses can be at run anytime after they have been posted.

You can run, jog, walk or have a leisurely stroll. You can complete individually or participate in a group. Newcomers welcome! No experience needed. No compass needed.

Download the free MapRun App before the event. See the links on this page below.

Start the App
Enter your Name - to be used with your results
Tap Select Event and browse to the event you are looking for. The Santa 6 Days events can be found in Queensland/Santa 6 Days/2024.
Alternatively, tap Events Near Me to display a list of events near your current location
Tap Go to Start to see the map and course.
Once you are in the right spot the phone will beep and you will have started,

If you have any problems with results please use the contact email to send information about the issue.

Event 6 - Start Location: Starts at the end of Blackwood Ave, Seven Hills.

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Event last updated: January 02, 2024 04:00pm

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