BrownDog Challenge - Townsville (Private Event)

Sunday 12th December 2021

Sunday 12th Dec 2021 06:00 - 12:00 EST
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Totally Tropical Orienteering Club

It's on again... Last year was a toughie and no one was able to do the full 5 laps but it seem you lot just can't get enough, So let's do it again.
It's a picnic in the park to bring everyone together for a end of year wind down. So everyone bring a blanket, drinks and some lunch and catch up with mates or make some new friends.
Like last year as part of this get together I will host a little challenge for those that may be interested. This challenge came about when I got all inspired after watching a documentary on the Barkleys Marathons (BM) held in Tennessee USA (watch it on Utube) but mine is called:
"Browndog Challenge"
Rules are simple
• An 8.439km circular course will be mapped out starting and ending at Strand Park.
• You will have 6 hours to complete 5 loops (5 × 8.439 = 42.195k marathon)
• You do as many loops as you want to or can in that 6 hours (just walk one if you want)
• There will be a number of checkpoints to ensure you do full distance
• You must be fully self supported - take own water snacks etc.
• You must comply with any other rules that I decide on
I will record times and how many loops you do and aim to have some prizes to recognise everyone's achievements. This will allow for official dragging rights.
If anyone would like to donate a prize let me know ?
I would love as many people as possible to come along for the picnic and get together but I will cap the number of officially registered participants in the Browndog Challenge to 56.
To nominate for the Browndog Challenge put your name and best inspirational quote on this facebook page.
If there are more than 56 people interested:
1. Everyone will go into a random draw
2. The first 46 names drawn will get an official registration spot
3. I will keep 10 spots to be given at my discretion
4. Others will go on a wait list in order as drawn
5. If someone can not make it the next person on wait list will be offered a position
6. Everyone who nominates is welcome to participate but if your not one of the lucky 56 you must team up with someone who did get a spot (its about making friends and having fun)
I will announce all the lucky successful participants early December and update regularly leading up to the event.
To register for the Browndog Challenge on the day you must arrive before 5:45am and bring:
• An old race bib with your name and inspirational quote written on the back
• Dog or cat item(s) to donation to Angle Paws, see list provided (don't be tight its Xmas)
Last year everyone had a great time with a truck load of Xmas cheer going to our furry friends from everyone's generous donations.
So pencil in Sunday 12th December 2021 for a picnic in the park and the Browndog Challenge.

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