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Sunday 01st November 2015

Sunday 01st Nov 2015 00:00 - 00:00 EST
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Range Runners Orienteering Club
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46981538 0427523541(not good reception at home)
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The relays are being held in Crows Nest, with a mix of bush, street, park and school maps. The OQ Awards presentations will follow at the pool (300m from the assembly area) and a BBQ will be operating (raising money for Hannah Goddard, a 2015 JWOC representative who has just been diagnosed with cancer and needs to travel from Tasmania to Melbourne for the next 12 months for treatment).

Entry is FREE for all OQ members. Enter online so your club representative can sort out the club teams.

There are heaps of great reasons to come to Crows Nest, other than the orienteering and OQ presentations! Crows Nest is home to the best Pioneer Village outside the metropolitan area, it has a fantastic arts and craft shop and is a 10 minute drive from the beautiful Crows Nest National Park.

The format of the relays will be very similar to last year. There will be a mass start for the Very Easy course, followed by a mass start for the relay events. There will be 3 members per team and 3 courses per team - Hard, Moderate and Easy. The Easy course will be mostly in our beautiful Hartman Park bushland, but will cross some quiet streets. The Hard and Moderate courses will be scatter courses mostly around the streets but also include some scrubby bushland. They will also be crossing the highway, so please GIVE WAY TO TRAFFIC.

The mass start for the Very Easy course will be at 9.30am, with the briefing for the relays at 9.50am, mass start at 10.00am. Two members of the team will be allowed on course at a time, so two team members will be in the mass start, and the first one back will tag their third runner. When the last runner returns, all 3 team members must cross the finish line together.

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