Night Park Series - Broadwater Park

Wednesday 25th January 2012

Wednesday 25th Jan 2012 00:00 - 00:00 EST
Local event
This event has no classes
Punching system
Toohey Forest Orienteering Club

PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED - due to sever weather conditions, please accept the organisers sincer apologies.

Park and street orienteering with a navigation challenge held in the dark to create a fun competition for all ages and running/walking ability.
Starts in blocks of five at one minute intervals from 7.00pm - with late starts up to 7.30 pm.
Sport Ident electronic timing will be used at this event. Loan of Sport Ident stick is available (if you don't have one) for $5 refundable bond.

For this event you will need to bring a torch. Markers may be placed on mapped features away from street or park lighting. Coloured maps will be used at a 1:7500 or 1:5000 scale or Participants will have to mark their own maps by copying from a master map.

Special Note: If a severe thunderstorm threatens or occurs between 5:30pm and 7:30pm these events will be cancelled to protect organizers and participants. If in doubt contact the home of the Simson Family on 3345 4527.

This "Legacy" event does not appear on Eventor.

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