DIY MapRun Parks - Event 10 - Rocks Riverside

Thursday 21st May 2020

Thursday 21st May 2020 00:00 - 00:00 EST
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Ugly Gully Orienteers

With the slight easing of COVID-19 restrictions we are running a socially-distanced DIY version of MapRun Parks:

This week it's - Rocks Riverside Park, Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Seventeen Mile Rocks
- We are using the MapRun Parks permanent course event, but with Start Anywhere. The course has most controls in the park, with some controls in the surrounding streets.
- Map: Print your own Map. See the link on this page.
- We are offering a 40 min Score Event with "Start Anywhere"
- Run anytime Thurs morning to Sun evening
- Run alone OR with immediate family OR with one other person
- The start/finish is the Tall Column at the entrance to the park from the car park
- If you have installed MapRunF version 4.8.8 you can "Start Anywhere"
- Open the event, tap "Go to Start" and visit any control
- That control will become your Start and Finish, and then you visit as many controls as you can in 30mins and return to where you started.
- The original Start/Finish will become another control on the course (numbered 121).

- Remember to finish where you started.

- No PIN is required
- The events are in the folder: Queensland/MapRun Park Series/...
- Free!
- Look out for the Results Email on Monday.

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