Congratulations Grant and Blake - JWOC Selection

by Linda Burridge

Congratulations Grant and Blake - JWOC Selection

Congratulations to Queenslanders Elite Orienteers Grant & Blake Reinbott, who have been selected in the 2021 JWOC Honour team!
This is the highest level of representation so is a great achievement. Unfortunately OA had earlier decided that Australia would not be sending athletes to JWOC 2021 due to ongoing travel restrictions and the COVID-19 situation in Turkey, but we hope that Grant and Blake will get to represent Australia internationally once travel becomes possible again.

The announcement was made by Orienteering Australia. achievement. Well done and congratulations to you all!
Junior Women: Mikayla Cooper, Abigail George, Joanna George, Arabella Phillips, Nea Shingler and Emily Sorensen

Junior Men: Dante Afnan, Jensen Key, Grant Reinbott; Blake Reinbott, Ewan Shingler and David Stocks

If JWOC 2021 is postponed to later in the year, OA may reconsider the decision depending on circumstances at the time.
A formal presentation of the JWOC 2021 honour team will take place during the Australian Championships 2021 Tasmania in September.

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