Results from 2021 QLD Middle Distance Championships

by Linda Burridge

Results from 2021 QLD Middle Distance Championships

A very successful 2021 QLD Middle Distance Championships was run last weekend.
Set amongst the granite rocks of Broadwater State Forest near Stanthorpe, this year's champs was a little different to past champs, with a pre-qualifying Sprint event on the Saturday which determined the start order for Sunday's chasing start Middle Distance Championships.
On Saturday, using the new 1:4000 Troll's Maze map, orienteers were challenged to navigate through the granite terrain on courses by Geoff Peck. 

On Sunday, competitors revisiting some of the best terrain used in last year's long-distance championships on challenging courses set by Bronte Gannon. Spectacular granite formations, complex contour features and mostly runnable forest made for fantastic orienteering. Some of the huge boulders were the size of houses, while other large boulders were thin, very tall and close together - truly magnificent orienteering country.

The overall elite winners for the 2 days were Andrew Hill and Anna Sheldon. Orienteers who took the win on both days were Zachary Hill (M/W10N), Elin Schulz (W12), Helen Breslin (W35), Michelle Schulz (W45), Su Yan Tay (W55), Lynda Rapkins (W65), Robin Spriggs (W75), Luca Schulz (M10), Thomas Caristo (M12), Neil Simson (M45), Tim McIntyre (M55) and Rob Dominish (M75).

Results for the two days are at .  Navigate via the tabs at the top of the page to see day 1, day 2, and overall.
WinSplit times are also viewable as a link on the results page for each class. Please upload you GPS route on to Livelox.

A big thank you to those that abandoned their course to help an injured participant today. And a huge thank you to Tony Bryant who was controller for the two days, and the whole Enoggeroos team for a wonderful weekend of orienteering. All participants are immensely appreciative of the time and effort that goes into putting on a Championship Carnival like this one.


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