Qld Long/Middle Champs 2023

2023 Queensland Long and Middle Distance Championships

Orienteering Queensland welcomes you to a 3-day event in the Maryborough region. These championships will be held over the May-day long weekend and will incorporate the Queensland Long Distance championships (a 2-day event) and the Queensland Middle Distance Championships (1-day event). The Long Distance Championships will be held on the Saturday and Sunday with start times expected from 12:30pm on the Saturday afternoon and 9:00am on the Sunday morning. Start times for the Middle Distance Championships will be from 9:00am on the Monday. Combine your weekend with a visit to the Fraser coast or explore other areas of the Wide Bay - Burnett region!

When: 29/30 April (Long Distance Championships), 1 May (Middle Distance Championships)

Where: Wongi State Forest, Aramara, 30min drive west of Maryborough

Event Format: 2-day Long Distance Event (winners are determined by cumulative times over two days) AND 1-day Middle Distance Event. Each day will also be a separate Orienteer-of-the-Year (OY) for Queensland resident orienteers.

Terrain: Spur-gully with some areas of rock

Preliminary event details: Preliminary event details including approximate course lengths can be found in Bulletin 1 available on the event page on Eventor.

Entries: Enter through Eventor - entries close at 11:59pm on Thursday 20 April. Enter on the day is not available.

Accommodation: Recommended in the Maryborough/Hervey Bay area.

Saturday Night Dinner: An informal dinner will be organised. People will order and pay for their own meals. Competitors wishing to be included in the booking are asked to indicate their preference when they enter the event in the "services" section.

Catering: Not provided.

Split Start Times: Entrants will be allocated start times for both days prior to the event.  If you require split times (early or later in the starting block on either day) for child minding or shadowing purposes, please email the organisers. Remember that you must complete your course before you shadow your child in the M/W10N Class.

Contact for the event: Tim McIntyre (Email: tfmcintyre@gmail.com)

Course details: Winning times and distances will be set according to OA Competition Rules. Course/class combinations (for the Long and Middle Distance Championships) are shown below. Approximate lengths can be found in Bulletin 1 on Eventor.

Course Navigation Classes - Women Classes - Men Classes - Open
1 Hard   M21A  
2 Hard   M20A, M35A  
3 Hard W21A M45A  
4 Hard W20A, W35A M16A, M21AS  
5 Hard W45A, W21AS M55A, M20AS, M35AS  
6 Hard W55A, W20AS, W35AS M65A, M45AS  
7 Hard W16A, W65A, W45AS M75A, M55AS+ Open Hard
8 Hard W75A, W85A+, W55AS+ M85A+  
9 Moderate   M14A Open Moderate Long
10 Moderate W14A   Open Moderate Short
11 Easy W12A M12A Open Easy
12 Very Easy W10A M10A M/W10N, Open V Easy




Organising Clubs: Ugly Gully (Long) Sunshine Orienteers (Middle)

Organisers: Fran Powell (Ugly Gully), Brendan Henry (Sunshine Orienteers)

Mapper: Geoff Peck

Course Setters: Tim McIntyre, Trent Blinco (Long), Eric Smyth (Middle)

Controller: Brendan Henry (Long), Tim McIntyre (Middle)

Coordinator: Tim McIntyre


Thanks to:

Qld Parks & Wildlife



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