Bundaberg United Scrub Harriers Club (BUQ)

Bundaberg region

BUSH are a small but enthusiastic associate club operating in the Bundaberg region and welcome anyone in the area interested in orienteering to come along to one of their events.

For information about the club or upcoming events, please Ring Keith Grayson on 0468465240 or email bush@oq.asn.au.


In 1981 Gerry Wilson (The new National Fitness Officer in Bundaberg) ran an O Course through the local catholic high school/s. Gerry was from the UK and was passionate about orienteering.He seemed to know all the interstate orienteers as well as Brisbane members though I don't remember how long he had been in Australia or where else he had worked.

Heran information/film evening for the general public and then public events in Queens Park. The first committee was made up of Peter Barnes(President - High Schools Teacher from the Christian Bros College, his daughter Monica was secretary/treasurer( student), the Pharr girls(also Students)were responsible for publicity and newsletter. The only other members I can remember were Derek and Vaughn Carter.

Trev, I and the boys (Cam3.5yrs & Tim 18mts) went along to one of the first events, after Ihad been to a film night and decided that Trev would enjoy the competition & that the kids and I would enjoy thewalk. I went along to the next club meeting and ended up the treasurer though nobody knewanything about me.

The club had lots of early success with the juniors - Monica Barnes, Louise Barnes, Danny Castelli, Kurt Warhurst, Chris Norris, Kylie Waters , Melissa Boylan are some of the ones I remember as being State ranked.Cam went toCanberra as a member of the Qld team when hewas 12. - Not to forget Marty and Gavin Cole,Tim, Trent Morrow ---- and the tradition continues with the Sullivans. Kylie was probably the most dedicated of all - I think she may have been selected in the Aust students team but I;m not sure of that. My big thrill, asthe person who introduced her to orienteering at Branyan school, was to see her win the Women;s W21 Elite at the Qld champs at Kullogum.

The club worked on B&W maps for several years - The first coloured maps wereGregory and Cordalba used for the state champs in 1984.

The first Club chanpions were Trev and Joce Wilson (Gerry's wife) Of the juniors I remember only David Wilson winning the senior boys.

I also remember 70 members being at a AGM. - probably in about the clubs second or third year ------- unbelievable!

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