Queenslanders Shine in Australian Relay Championships

by Linda Burridge

Queenslanders Shine in Australian Relay Championships

The Aus Relay is renowned for its hype, excitement and competition. Huge mass starts require great concentration and control from the first leg runners while the later runners aim to maintain leads or work back lost time.
Queenslanders handled the pressure extremely well, achieving some fantastic results:
M18 1st - Grant Reinbott, Blake Reinbott (AUS Team)
W18 3rd - Julia Gannon, Nina Gannon (AUS Team)
W20E 3rd - Caroline Pigerre, Ellie de Jong, Jess Rogers
W21E 2nd - Krystal Neumann (AUS Team)
W45 1st - Wendy Read (AUS Team)
M12 3rd - Thomas Caristo, Adrian Garbellini, Miles Bryant
W35 3rd - Michelle Schulz, Kate Radford, Fiona Caristo
W55 3rd - Su Yan Tay, Juliana de Nooy, Geraldine Chatfield
WOpenB 2nd - Annette Rogers, Alison Bryant, Ulla Heikkila


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