Zonta Award Winner 2012 - Stacy Nottle

Stacy joined Range Runners Orienteering Club with her husband and children in 1998. She, along with husband Richard and daughter Glennie, are always willing to organize events and run barbeques. She has done the course setters course and understands and demonstrates the importance of catering for newcomers and encouraging beginners. It was through Stacy that the de Jong’s, Devine’s, McDougall’s and Meelen’s joined the Range Runners Orienteering Club. In total, she’s created more than half their club membership!

Stacy managed the Darling Downs Orienteering team from 2000 to 2006, encouraging many young students into the sport. In 2006 she moved to Toowoomba Grammar School, and within a year, had included orienteering in the school interhouse sports competition and established an official TGS orienteering team.

A highlight for Stacy came last year when TGS was named Champion School at the Qld Schools and two TGS boys were named in the Qld Schools team with another boy named as a reserve. In 2012, TGS not only defended its title of champion school, but also dominated the Qld team with 5 of the 8 boys selected being from TGS. Stacy also introduced Sammy McDougall to the sport in 2010. In 2012 Sammy was named as a reserve for the Qld Junior Girls team.

Stacy can take so much of the credit for this because of the effort she puts in behind the scenes. She doesn’t just tell the boys about upcoming events, she organizes transport for them, often taking them to events herself (with little or no recompense). One of the boys in this year’s Qld team is a boarder from Tara, and is extremely grateful to Stacy for her efforts. Several times this year Stacy has taken a car load of TGS boys to an event and been so busy coaching them that she has not had time to compete herself.

This year Stacy also stepped in to manage the Qld Schools Team in Tasmania.

Congratulations Stacy.

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