Robin wins World Rogaining Championships in Spain

by Linda Burridge

Robin wins World Rogaining Championships in Spain

Ugly Gully's Robin Spriggs and her partner Sharon Crawford from Colorado, USA, have taken home the Gold Medal in the women's ultra-veteran age class at the World Rogaining Championships in Spain. 

The championships were based in the Spanish ski resort of La Molina in the Pyrenees, on the border between Spain and France.  396 teams began the 24-hour competition, in thunderstorm conditions, on a map that covered 140 square kilometres. While weather conditions cleared later in the competition, extremely windy conditions at higher altitudes made the course very challenging.

The terrain was very tough with very steep climbs and an altitude variance between 1300 and 2500m.  Robin describes traversing the steepest part on hands and knees!

Robin's team, called Proceeding On, timed their race to perfection, finishing with just 3 minutes to spare, thereby accruing no penalty points. The pair won easily from last year's champions, the Estonian team - who were 3rd this time- very different terrain being in the Pyrenees. GPS tracking showed the pair covered over 53km and climbed 2300m. Robin and Sharon have now done 12 Rogaines around the world together. 

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