OMaps Map Repository

by Robert Crosato

A large project has been commenced by multiple club members to create a central repository for all club and OQ maps. If you would like to take a look, please visit here and you will be able to scroll around and be amazed by just how many maps are available to run events. Note this is still work in progress with aim to have it finished by end of January (ie all known maps stored here).

There are countless people who deserve credit in making this happen, from all the clubs and individuals supplying/finding and making available maps  for storage, and to the first users of the system Craig Steffens, Gordon Bossley, Peter Effeney and Tony Bryant for ironing out some bugs.  Many other members have been involved from the beginning, Lance who promoted and pushed the idea of making it happen at OQ and OA level, the mappers themselves who thankfully have stored many maps which were otherwise lost and Mark Roberts assisting with IT queries.  Lastly, a big thanks to visiting scholar Topi from Finland who has uploaded already 100+ maps with many more to go.

Topi is an Finn ex JWOC competitor.  Apart from uploading maps, he is also doing some updates to some of our beloved sprint maps, eg City Botanic Gardens, UQ, Kelvin Grove.  We are very fortunate to have him visit SEQ for two months.  

After January 2019, the idea/action will be that the latest version of all maps will be as per the O-maps repository.  PDFs are stored at the same time which are then available for course setters.  More on how this will work will be publicised in the New Year when a very special request will also go out to all club members to find the last and most difficult maps before they are lost to time ....  But for now Merry Xmas and for those attending the Xmas five days if you see a young blond man whizzing by, you just met Topi.

Brenton Gray


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