New Relay Format for QSOC

by Linda Burridge

New Relay Format for QSOC

Students congregated again on Saturday afternoon for a new event format for the Queensland Schools Orienteering Championships. The Hagaby Relay is a one-person relay where the course consists of a series of loops. Competitors run to the same controls but in slightly different orders depending on the order of the loops they are given on their maps. The event starts with an exciting mass start in which runners must make navigational decisions under the pressure of multitudes of orienteers also starting around them. These courses were set by Nicholas Burridge and the event was controlled by Brenton Gray.

Full results can be found at

Congratulations to the following placegetters:

QSOC Hagaby Relay at Kholo Road

Age Group




11 Boys

Montagu Hindman

Thomas Caristo (ENQ)

Caelan Williams (RRQ)

11 Girls

Bree Adam (RRQ)

Clarissa Sutcliffe

Adalyn Reay

13 Boys

Miles Bryant (ENQ)

Declan Campbell (BBB)

William Barnes (RRQ)

13 Girls

Skye Hassall (RRQ)

Emily Forster (BBB)

Grace Kelly (ENQ)

Junior Boys

Charlie Young (RRQ)

Sean Lindsay-Holley (RRQ)

Lochlann Hogan (BBB)

Junior Girls

Ella Rogers (RRQ)

Sara Garbellini (ENQ)

Isabella Cooper (RRQ)

Senior Boys

Ryan Gray (UGQ)

Grant Reinbott (RRQ)

Blake Reinbott (RRQ)

Senior Girls

Mikaela Gray (UGQ)

Nina Gannon (RRQ)

Alysha Camm

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