Mapping Proposals

Mapping Proposals

OQ is currently identifying and developing new maps for the upcoming years. Here is our major event calendar:

Year Long Middle Sprint National
2017 RR/BB UG TF
2018 TF RR/BB EN NOL Ultralong, Leyburn/Passchendale
2019 EN TF UG
2020 UG EN RR/BB NOL Sprint weekend Gold Coast – Jan?
2022 TF RR/BB EN
2023 EN TF UG

We are hosting an NOL weekend next year, with likely maps Leyburn and Passchendaele. We are also investigating Kingaroy as an event centre for Easter 2021, especially given the maps we already have in place around that region are often very pleasant running due to grazing. A few of us will be heading up to Kingaroy later in the year to look for additional areas to supplement the existing maps. In particular, the maps currently ready to be funded by OQ and requiring quotes are:

Passchendaele is considered a major mapping exercise and would require a fairly experienced mapper. This is our number one priority to complete, as part of NOL Ultralong weekend next year.

RFT - Passchendaele
Passchendaele Saw Mill

Gatton UQ Campus is likely to be used for a future QLD Sprint championships, it would be great if mapper had some experience already with sprint maps, but it is not considered necessary, if there is a suitable interested candidate.

RFT - Gatton UQ Sprint
UQ Gatton Boundaries 1 to 5000
UQ Gatton Boundaries

Kholo Rd, Kholo is a lovely, runnable and generally simpler spur-gully map not far from Brisbane. It would be either a small project for an experienced mapper or an excellent first bush map (under supervision) for an interested candidate. It has excellent Lidar data available.

RFT - Kholo Rd
Kholo Rd May 2017 - base

Main Beach Sand Dunes is an unusual project for SEQ. Some of you may have run on it already using Mark's map made from topos and some field checking. A significant part of this mapping exercise will be interpretation of the dunes and vegetation which varies from fast to slow to fast to slow in close proximity.

RFT - Main Beach spit
The Spit

We also hope and expect to put two more additional maps out to tender in the next six weeks at Ripley and Kingaroy, so if you have any interest in mapping any of these areas, please contact asap, for either further information or quotes.

Any questions or comments are welcome.

Brenton Gray, OQ Mapping Officer

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