Like Bo Derek and Nadia Comaneci before her, the sensational Su Yan Tay wrapped up the OY competition with another 200 points at Wilmot’s Waterhole and a perfect score of 1000 for the series! It caps off a great year for her, following her bronze medal in the W45 category at the World Masters Championships. She’s now won the OY outright two year in a row. Well done, Su Yan!

Rachel Effeney, who wasn’t able to compete last weekend, finished a strong second on 979. It would have been an interesting tussle if she’d been there, given her great form this year as a cyclone and bushranger.

Felicity Crosato snuck past Mikko Salonen to get the second best score of the day of 197 and finish third overall on 977, a testament to her consistency. Felicity was one of only three orienteers to compete at all 11 OY events during the year. This is her best OY result ever and follows on from her most improved performance trophy last year.

Finishing in fourth spot on 974 points and best male orienteer for the year was Mikko Salonen. He improved significantly on his first year in the competition in 2011, and can only get better from here. Anna Sheldon finished the year in fifth spot on 969 points. As the setter for Wilmot’s waterhole, she wasn’t able to compete. Again, if she had, it would have made for an interesting finish.

Lance Read was the second best male performer for the year on 968 points, finishing in 6th spot. You’ll also see in the category results report that the best junior male and female were David Tay and Winnie Oakhill. They were clear winners over the year. The senior open winners were Mark Gregson and Rachel Effeney, while the vets winners were Mikko and Su Yan. Congratulations also to our super vet winners, the “ageless” Clive Pope, and Jacquie Rand.

Overall, it was a well attended series, with 213 competitors- 121 males, and 92 females. There were also 6 organisers who didn’t compete, but gave up their time and effort to run the events for us. You’ll see them all listed in the results with a yellow “Org” against their name. A big thank you to them.

Don’t forget that presentations to our OY winners will be made at the break up event on October 21st. The best blue, green and orange competitors are yet to be calculated as well as the most improved.

p.s The other two orienteers to compete at every event were Michael and Nicholas Burridge. Great Effort guys!
p.p.s When you click on the link, you’ll also find a report showing how you’ve scored over the last 6 years.
Rob C

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