Spectacular QLD MTBO Champs

by Linda Burridge

Spectacular QLD MTBO Champs

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Qld MTBO Champs in and around Killarney. It was a great weekend with some fast riding and challenging navigation.
Thank you to Craig Steffens and his team for their great organization.
The results from the QLD MTBO Champs events are now published in Eventor.
Click here for the results SprintMiddleLong

This year's state champs was held across 3 site on the QLD/NSW border. The Sprint in Killarney township, the Middle at Cullendore High Country and the Long at Koreelah State Forest near Legume. Course Setters were Stuart Watt from BB.Q for the Sprint and Susie and Gavin Blissner from MT.Q for the Middle and Long stages. The existing Street-O series map of Killarney township was updated the southern half of town including the school grounds made a perfect location for the 5 short courses. With a start at the RSL hall, Stuart made use of the golf course, a first for QLD, recreation grounds, school, streets and the showgrounds for courses ranging from 6.3-10.1km. A last minute control re-location was required after earthwork at the showgrounds cut off access to part of the site, kept Stuart on his toes. Riders had to avoid wedding guests at the recreation grounds, not sure if anyone caught the bouquet? There were plenty of groan about the state of the golf course with slow rough riding and greens more like 'browns'. Thanks to Stuart for all his hard work mapping, setting and volunteering at the Middle stage.
The Middle distance was held at a private cattle and camping property about 40min drive from Killarney. Stuart and Wendy Bell gave us access to their property and worked with Susie and Gavin Blissner to plan courses from 10.7-16.4km through their rocky native bush tracts and open grazing paddocks. The many fences and gates added a level of complexity as did the off-track route through the large open spaces. Many riders commented that it was a refreshing change from pine plantations. A number of self-returning gates were installed to ensure crossing points didn't allow stock to escape. Word of our event spread and attracted the promotional staff from Tenterfield council, to see what was possible in terms of biking in the region.

A Eucalypt plantation owned by the Forestry Corporation of NSW was mapped for the Long stage and with short grass and a very clear understory, it make for very rideable conditions. The elevation on the other hand, had riders digging deep as the course setter sent them upwards, for the best 'view points'. Course lengths from 14 to 26km and up to 650m of climb ensured that the stage was of state champs level. A shed, some picket gates and a creek crossing all made for some interesting features around the site. Support from Legume locals helped the event run smoothly, from the friendly landowner of the assembly area, to the Warwick coffee cart and the Legume Progress Association catering for us. We've made some valuable connections for when we return.
The club acknowledges the support of Stuart Watt, Susie and Gavin Blissner for mapping and courses, Jim Huemmer, Sandra Pearce, Stephen Hibbert, Nerrida Scott, Michael Schafer, Craig Jeffs, Bruce Meder, Jo Sherrif, Frank Sadow and Sue Broadbent for on the day assistance.
 Craig Steffens

Checkout the photos from the event with thanks to Michael Schafer, Sandra Pearce and Gavin Blissner.

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