Christmas 5 Day Carnival Successes

by Linda Burridge

Christmas 5 Day Carnival Successes

Many Queenslanders made the trek after Christmas to the annual Christmas 5 Day Carnival, this year held in the Armidale area of NSW.
There were many excellent daily results but those who achieved an top 5 position in their class over the course of the whole completion were:

Class Name Position
(over 5 days)
Men A Simeon Burrill 5
Men B Lance Read 4
Men D Dylan Bryant 3
Men E Greg Chatfield 2
Men E Trevor Sauer 3
Men F Jack Reinbott 1
Men F Paul Garbellini 4
Men F Miles Bryant 5
Men G Adrian Garbellini 4
Men G Callum Bryant 5
Women A Caroline Pigerre 4
Women A Krystal Neumann 5
Women E Alison Bryant 2
Women F Cassy Reinbott 1
Women F Deb Reinbott 4
M/W Novice Luca Schulz 3

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of the Northern Tablelands Orienteering Club, Bush n Beach and Bullercourt Boulder Bounders, the 2019 Christmas 5 days was a resounding success.
Approximately 270 participants competed every day, enjoying 5 days of perfect conditions in challenging terrain. Organizers were very lucky with the air quality, which had been bad since early September and dangerous in the weeks leading to the event. Some rain just before Christmas significantly reduced the fire hazard and improved running conditions.

This carnival is a fabulous Christmas Orienteering tradition. The more low key atmosphere of this carnival, compared to a major national competition like the Australian 3 Days or Australian Championships, allows competitors to try out new courses, practise new techniques and enjoy the social camaraderie of the Christmas season with competitors from so many different clubs. The daily prizes awarded to daily winners, and many random on the spot prizes keeps the festive atmosphere going throughout the whole carnival.

Overall combined results (determined by points allocated and 4 of the 5 best results counted) can be found here.

2019 has been the driest year in 154 years of records for the Armidale area - 306mm, 40% of the annual average (782mm) and 28% less than the previous driest year in 1874 (420mm). No doubt the dusty paddocks and the dying forest canopies made an impression to all visitors. We continue to hope for rain to relieve these struggling communities.

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