Australian Orienteer Magazine - Important information

The Australian Orienteer Magazine (received by full status members of Orienteering Queensland-not associate members ) is now available in full digital form. Orienteering Australia has requested that all states move to an ‘opt-in’ model for members who wish to continue to receive a printed copy of the magazine. There is no added cost for members who choose to continue to receive the printed copy, but savings can be expected for orienteering in general if the number of copies that need to be printed can be reduced.

To continue to receive the Australian Orienteer magazine in printed form please do the following

1. Log into Eventor: (Make sure you’re logged in under your Club login and not your OQ login)

2. Select the ‘Club’ item in the menu on the left side of the Events page

3. Select ‘Club activities’ from the items in the ‘Club’ list

4. In the ‘Activities for Orienteering Queensland’ box, click on the ‘Register’ link in the AO Magazine activity

5. Follow the instructions on the page that opens to complete your selection

You can change your selection at any time by revisiting this page. Only members who have registered through this process approximately one month before the delivery of the quarterly newsletter (delivered at the beginning of March, June, September and December) will continue to receive a printed copy of the magazine.

Electronic copies are available to all members at

Tim McIntyre

OQ President

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