2019 QSOC Finishes with Individual Long

by Linda Burridge

2019 QSOC Finishes with Individual Long

The QSOC weekend culminated with the Individual Long Distance event, held again at Kholo Rd. Jess Rogers set the challenging courses which were controlled by Geoff Peck. The terrain was fast, undulating running with some tracks. Navigational challenges came from the subtle gullies, ponds, erosion gullies, rock features and spur gully details. There were podium positions for all the orienteering clubs as well as from the SW District. Well done to all the place getters. Full Results can be found here https://eventor.orienteering.asn.au/Events/ResultList?eventId=7407&groupBy=EventClass

A very special thanks must go to the many volunteers who help make this very successful carnival happen. From Tony on the computers to Wendy and Lance on communications; from James on logistics and Juliana, Reid and Marion from the Junior Development Committee and to the many other people who helped out on each event. But it was Brenton Gray (ably assisted by Meredith) who brought everything and everyone together - Brenton has worked tirelessly, spending many hours out on the courses, mentoring the course setters, organizing teams of volunteers. Thank you Brenton for your extraordinary efforts in co-ordinating a very successful carnival.

QSOC Individual Long Distance at Kholo Road

Age Group




11 Boys

Montagu Hindman

Alex Vanzella (RRQ)

Thomas Caristo (ENQ)

11 Girls

Xanthe Schubert (RRQ)

Alexandra Edwards (RRQ)

Kari Brennan (RRQ)

13 Boys

Oliver Peck (TFQ)

Miles Bryant (ENQ)

Adrian Garbellini (ENQ)

13 Girls

Skye Hassall (RRQ)

Cassy Reinbott (RRQ)

Grace Kelly (ENQ)

Junior Boys

Jack Reinbott (RRQ)

Lochlann Hogan (BBB)

Sean Lindsay-Holley (RRQ)

Junior Girls

Mikaela Gray (UGQ)

Eve Tague (RRQ)

Ella Rogers (RRQ)

Senior Boys

Grant Reinbott (RRQ)

Samuel Garbellini (ENQ)

Blake Reinbott (RRQ)

Senior Girls

Julia Gannon (RRQ)

Rani Brennan (RRQ)

Nina Gannon (RRQ)


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