More great results at Australian Long Distance

by Linda Burridge

More great results at Australian Long Distance

More great results from the Queensland contingent at the Australian Long Distance Championships today. It was tough going in the granite terrain with a long, steep escarpment with significant cliffs and huge boulders on one side of the map and gentle watercourses the other side.
Queenslanders to gain a Top 5 position today were:
W21E Krystal Neumann 3; W16 Mikaela Gray 3; M18 Grant Reinbott 1; Blake Reinbott 2; W18 Nina Gannon 5; W35AS Michelle Schulz 2; M35AS Tony Bryant 1; W45AS Annette Rogers 3;W55 Su Yan Tay 4; W60 Geraldine Chatfield 5; W65+AS Johanna Tavner-Corner 2; W70 Robin Spriggs 4; M75 Trevor Sauer 5; MOpenB Iain Duncan 4; WOpenB Lucy Peljo 5


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